Friday, November 26, 2010

                   LolaFashionista is a very sociable and a friendly grandmother. Lola(grandmother in English) in her mid 50's is very fashionable(fashionista), equipped with up to date gadgets that the modern technology offer. She enjoys surfing the internet and continuously search for up to date information to enrich her knowledge. She loves to travel and explore. She is adventurous. She is quick to smile and laugh but her recent smiles were masked with sorrow and mourning from the death of her adorable granddaughter Shariita, she took care since birth.  Shariita died of lymphoid and myeloid leukemia last May 21,2010 at the age of 15. It really tore her heart and soul.Everything was so sudden, so abrupt. She was caught unaware and unprepared. There was no sign at all, just a regular monthly period that continued for more than her regular period days of 5. In a matter of ten days in the hospital,Shariita left her desolate.

      Back on her feet, Lola started to socialize more by connecting to her former high school batch mates and office mates to while away her time and begin her journey without her(physically). She now spends more of her time searching and connecting to her former high school friends in the internet,gathering them and arranging get togethers and reunions for the batch. She busies herself doing social works for the batch and their families. She is still in constant search for more knowledge and answer her questions onhow and why her granddaughter got that dreadful disease.

      Lola is not a writer but she prefers reading books than watching television. She is writing this blog and some of her other blogs to enhance and hone her English and writing skill, She knows she has flows,lots of mistakes to correct but she is persistent and patient to travel her long bumpy road to success.

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