Tuesday, November 30, 2010

                   AGING GRACEFULLY

Women of Classic elegance and grace:  Beth, Minette and Merle
                       Aging is just a case of mind over matter. Many of us would be grandmothers(Lolas) by this time but it doesn't mean you cannot anymore age with grace, and you start neglecting yourself. It's true that as we age, our bodies change, our kids leave home and start their own families, we struggle with our emotional and physical challenges that menopause brings. Aging gracefully doesn't mean just wearing branded and trendy clothing, shoes, bags, etc. It is the wisdom, maturity and fulfillment, life experiences and a better sense of personal style we gained over the years that boost your sense of well being. For modern women, aging gracefully and taking care of body, mind and spirit becomes more and more important and being paid attention to during this time. 

                        Okay, you’ve gained wisdom, you’d matured. The challenge now is simply finding wearable, appropriate clothes for your age, your budget and figure. I was in the mall one day and all the racks were filled with miniskirts and very low rise jeans. Shops and fashion designers tend to forget that mature women can also be fashionable as young girls. That women this age have many things to consider as they age: figure, budget and position in the society.  But fashion magazines ignore the need of women over 50. For goodness sake, the old advise we have over wearing loose clothing, cutting hair short and avoiding being trendy is not anymore appropriate for women of this century. Those were fashion views of long time ago. 

                           Fortunately, with the rise of modern technology, more articles on make-up, accessories, jewelries, health and supplement products and even vacation or travel tips and places for men and women over 50 were written. And more and more shops flood the internet for women over 50 to have more options and ideas where and how to buy fashion items appropriate for their budget and figure. I was surfing through many of these shops but I found amazon.com to have more items and reasonable prices that would fit anyone’s budget.

                     You don't have to be like Jackie Onasis, Sophia Loren or Faye Dunaway, Imelda Marcos or my friends Beth, Minette and Merle (from SM Southmall rink, Philippines) who displayed the type of classic good looks and poise. They showed us how comfortable they are with their age, their bodies and style. Classic fashion is possible for any woman who carries the confidence and self-assurance their age and experience has earned them. These are just but few of the women out there who know how to project and carry casual elegance in their demeanor and fashion essence. Time has provided these women with a depth, a sense of humor and self assurance that is absolutely magnetic.  
                     The key then to aging gracefully is to be honest and observant when it comes to our appearance. And being fashionable at fifty in this age and time in not anymore that challenging as it was in a or 2 decades ago.


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  3. Yes, great point! I'm not 50, but I would prefer to see women who are over 50 not dressed like frumps. They would be good role models for the world and advertisers around them. We may be in a global recession, but it is still women in their 50s+ who have money.

    Three blogs? How do you do it?! :)

  4. I completely agree with you. We can age gracefully and I want to stay fashionable, glamorous, yet dignified as I age.

  5. thank you docmench... i agree with what you said...