Monday, March 14, 2011

Hobbies and Arts

Apple experiment in pastel color by Tess Santillan
Mango in paper tole- edad50
        Art is a form of creative expression, of intelligence. For me it is my way of expressing my emotion, of expressing my thoughts. Everything in our life is a form of art. Even my favorite coffee cup is a form of art. The way we dress or apply make-up is a form of art. There is no concrete definition for art. What is beautiful and artistic to one may not be pleasing and beautiful to the other. 

Amorsolo paper tole by edad50
Art for me is a form of therapy, of relaxation. It helps me combat stress and challenges of everyday life. Either you do art for a living or as a hobby; art for me will always give meaning to life.


Buko in paper tole by edad50
Your hobby is a form of art, whatever it is. You express your feeling in doing it. You do it for relaxation and enjoyment. You use your creative skill and knowledge in doing a certain hobby. There are so many forms of arts and many kinds of hobbies one can start with. It all depends on what interests you and what will give you a feeling of fulfillment.

Amorsolo in paper tole by edad50
I enjoyed doing paper dresses or drawing dolls and dresses, crocheting and embroidery or any needle craft during my elementary and high school days. My interest in the arts and doing it as a hobby had helped me not just to express and show my creativity but helped me understand and appreciate life and nature. 

cross stitch by edad50
We have so many famous artists and hobbyists. Each had their own style and form. Amorsolo is one of them and my favorite. Most of the paper tole I had done, given to friends or had sold is an Amorsolo. When you’re at your middle age, having a hobby is very important.  Having a hobby for leisure not just help you make use of your time but also sharpen your brain and skills.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Friday, December 31, 2010

edad50: Tagaytay Highlands

edad50: Tagaytay Highlands: " TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS edad50 at Tagaytay Highlands Edad50..."